Alex Rodriguez wants to take an MLB series to an unexpected place

It could be possible?

Major League still wants to expand baseball around the world by taking MLB matches to places where they would never have imagined doing so, like London, where the series between Yankees and Red Sox was a success. Having already visited Mexico and Japan, MLB already plans its next step, and A-Rod could have given us a hint.

Rodriguez is currently in Israel on vacation with his partner Jennifer Lopez, who is on a world tour with his It's My Party Tour, now playing the country of the Middle East. In a tweet, A-Rod has suggested that they might soon be taking a major league game to those parts, also mentioning Egypt, Russia, Turkey or Spain.

While in Israel, baseball is not a very popular sport, if it is more than in the other countries mentioned in the A-Rod tweet, since an Israeli representation participated in the editions of the World Baseball Classic in 2013 and 2017, In addition to having his own baseball academy and association, in addition to the infrastructure.