Bryce Harper has Rocky Balboa 'helping him' in every at bat

Everything indicates that the right fielder of the Philadelphia Phillies greatly admires the boxer character played by the great Sylvester Stallone

Apparently Bryce Harper, 26, is a fan of the famous boxing films Rocky Balboa, which made a presence in the 1970s and 1980s and even in the early 1990s when Harper was just born.

I hadn't seen this before, so sorry if it's old news. Bryce Harper is apparently using these bats with a custom Rocky Balboa outline on the knobs, as you can see below through Heather Barry:

Very cool. Here is a closer look, after the jump:

That is Rocky, with his arms in the air. You may remember that Harper was using the custom knobs with the Philly "Ill" logo, which we shared a few months ago. I'm not sure if he still uses those, or just these, or maybe a combination of both. But I like it. I like minor details. I hope one day to have my own custom knobs. The time is yours.

Well, then everything suggests that Harper might try to get inspired by those Rocky stories when he faced the Russian Drago in Russia; in Bryce's case, he could take it as motivation to get up from the canvas of his worst season of the eight he has been and more because in the recess between seasons, he signed a luxury backlash with the Phillies, but he has not taken it out.

Harper has statistics until Friday of .252 with 18 homers and 72 runs towed in 107 games.

Kevin Kinkead/Crossing Broad