Curious and funny facts of Mike Trout's new contract

The outfielder Mike Trout agreed a contract for 363 million dollars

Mike Trout will become the best sportsman paid when his new extension contract is made official for 10 years and 363 million dollars, that along with the 66 million he will earn in 2019 and 2020 of his previous contract this will take a total of 430 million to the pocket.

That made us think ... How much are 430 million dollars?

Enough for Mike Trout to buy the 2003 Angels ... Twice

Enough for Bryce Harper to become MEME ...


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And also Kyler Murray ...

Enough to win more than the best golfers in history

Mike Trout will now be worth more than the best teams in the MLS

And the NHL...

 Mike Trout will be worth more than some countries

Mike Trout will win almost half of what the Rays have spent in their whole franchise's history...