Dominican Republic authorities give 'official details' on David Ortiz shooting

The Dominican police gave a conference where they explain the reasons for the attack against the Big Papi

Dominican Republic authorities give 'official details' on David Ortiz shooting. EFE

Dominican Republic authorities give 'official details' on David Ortiz shooting. EFE | EFE

After two weeks after the attack on David Ortíz in the Dominican Republic, where the former player was shot in a bar in Santo Domingo, Dominican police have investigated against the clock to determine the reasons why the Big Papi was attacked. Now, it seems that they have put together all the pieces of the puzzle and have given their official version of the facts.

According to Enrique Rojas of ESPN, the National Police and the Public Ministry have given a press conference to give their version of the facts and determine the motive of the attack against the player. The attorney Jean Alain Rodríguez spoke and said the following:

The perpetrators and principal accomplices have already been brought to justice. On Monday, June 10, I personally interviewed David Ortiz. Big Papi told me that he had no idea who could attack his life. The objective of the attack was not David Ortiz, but another person who was at the same table. The target of the intellectual authors was a friend of David Ortiz ... Sixto David Fernández. Victor Hugo Gómez, a dangerous fugitive from the Gulf cartel, is the alleged mastermind who planned the death of what they confused with David Ortiz for the clothes they wore. Photo taken from the cell phone of the one who sent a photo from the scene to identify the target shows that it was Sixto David Fernández. They sent a photo without a name

The official version of the events agrees with the statements given by one of the detainees last week, who in prison would have said that they did not want to kill David Ortíz, but that they were after another person and that they were confused with their clothing.

This also contradicts the unofficial version of the attack, which mentions that Ortiz was attacked by a Dominican capo because the Big Papi had a love affair with the couple of said drug trafficker, which would have caused the attack.