How much is the ring that AROD gave to Jennifer Lopez worth

Former Yankee Alex Rodriguez (AROD) asked Jennifer Lopez (JLO) to marry him with a huge ring

When Alex Rodriguez (AROD) and Jennifer Lopez (JLO) announce their marriage through social networks what caught the attention was the huge diamond that was the ring that the Yankees expelotero gave his now engaged.

Of course, the question that came to everyone's mind was ... How much will the ring be worth?


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We can tell you that we have found the answer and if it is in the millions of dollars.

According to an expert from US Magazines Brandon Hill, the JLO ring is around 15 carats and has the surprising value of 1.4 million dollars.

"AROD was with a very classic emerald cut diamond that accentuates Jennifer's fingers with its elongated shape, the diamond seems to be around 15 carats and is colorless with the greatest clarity, found in a simple but elegant solitaire montage. You will see beautiful with an alliance next in the future. "

The value indicated by the jewelry expert Hill at 1.4 million dollars is an estimate and even the diamond could cost even more.