Manny Machado bets his contract that Padres will win World Series before Dodgers

The infielder was caught making a tremendous bet with a fan

Fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers do not want the new San Diego Padres infielder Manny Machado at all, because he left them in free agency after the team will change for him from the Baltimore Orioles.

On Thursday the Padres faced the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium and a fan went with everything against Machado from his place near the waiting circle to hit.

Manny Machado y el fan de los Dodgers.

Machado did not stop and began to answer the fan and he told him:

"I bet you all my contract that the Padres will win a championship before the Dodgers."

The exchange was recorded and the video was later published on social networks, something that is clearly drawing attention in social networks.

Here's the video:

One because there are so many millions to bet on and another because the Dodgers are currently the best team in the big leagues and they seem like the favorites to win the World Series.

Maybe he should have thought a bit before making that bet.

At least he trusts himself a lot.