Officially 50 cent loses his spot as worst first pitch ever

The rapper was overcome with the worst launch in MLB history

Undoubtedly 50 Cent is and will be one of the most recognized rappers in the last decade. His lyrics and rhythms will be remembered for a long time, however, when it comes to the ball and the "King of Sports" the rapper does not have the best memories.

Fan of the New York Mets, everyone remembers that invitation where he made the first pitch, but, this was not how everyone expected, as it was cataloged as the worst release in history to this day.

Prior to the game between Royals of Kansas City and White Sox of Chicago, the cameraman of the game was affected after receiving a pitch from the person invited to make the first pitch.

Here the video:

The impression was taken instantly by everyone present since they saw that the ball was heading towards the cameraman. Even pitcher Evan Marshall was one of the most impressed.

Finally, the ball did not go to major and was something that everyone could have fun after