Should Mariano Rivera be honored in the Caribbean Series Panama 2019?

Nobody better to launch the inaugural pitcher of the Caribbean Classic

Mariano Rivera was not born when the Caribbean Series was last held in his native Panama in 1960. The pride of Puerto Caimito was born on November 29, 1969. No less than 58 years later, the Caribbean classic will return to the isthmian country. On Monday, the Confederation of Professional Baseball of the Caribbean (CBPC) announced at a press conference that the venue for the 2019 tournament will be the Rod Carew Stadium and not Barquisimeto, Venezuela, due to the political situation in the South American country.

Panama has received two high-impact news in less than a week: On January 22, Mariano Rivera was unanimously selected as part of the 2019 class at the Baseball Hall of Fame. And from February 4 to 10 the Caribbean Series will return to the home of "Mo" after 58 years. So things, where would be a tribute to the second Panamanian player in the Hall of Immortals and the first to achieve it unanimously? Have you thought who could be the ideal chosen to make the inaugural launch?

We can not think of a better option. See Mariano again on the hill, this time in his native Panama would be, at least, A SHOW that neither the Caribbean, nor Latin America nor the world of baseball should be lost.

 Daniel G. Alfonso Corte 4