Thanks to Aaron Boone the Yankees have a new battle cry

The New York Yankees manager is inspiring his team with his actions and words

Thanks to his manager Aaron Boone the New York Yankees have a new battle cry this season and all thanks to the fact that he was wearing a microphone when making his point to the home ampayer.

It was in the first game of the series against the Colorado Rockies that Boone had problems with home ampayer marking and he went against the judge saying that his players were "savages in the batter's box".

All that was recorded by the microphones of the video transmission and despite having been expelled their players loved it.

Now the Yankees are taking "SAVAGES" as their new battle song and their fans also joined the new theme with shirts and more.

This is one of the shirts with "SAVAGES" used. Courtesy Barstool

Even the team now when they play at Yankee Stadium put songs before the game that have the word "SAVAGE" in their lyrics.

Joe Maddon worked a lot to have a battle song like the one the Yankees now have, since in 2016 the Cubs won the championship their team theme was:

"Try not to suck"

We'll see if Boone works his new battle song in the same way.