The Yankees-Red Sox will be played for the first time in over 100 years on artificial grass

The first time in almost 2,300 games played between both teams

There is no doubt that the biggest rivalry of all major leagues is the Yankees-Red Sox, and not for nothing Major League Baseball chose this game to take him to London and play a series in England on June 29 and 30. Despite all the preparations, the grass of the Olympic Stadium in London apparently will not be ready and the organizers have launched their plan B.

According to information from The Associated Press, the stadium staff will begin to remove the natural grass used throughout the Premier League season by West Ham United on June 6, but they have anticipated that the new grass will not grow to be ready for the series of two games between the two eternal rivals.

Therefore, they will install artificial grass and also remove the athletic track that surrounds the soccer field, and from there, begin to prepare the terrain so that it takes the shape of a diamond and is ready to receive the greatest rivalry of all the baseball .

With this news, the Red Sox and the Yankees will play for the first time in more than 100 years of rivalry in artificial field, being the series played almost entirely in the two Yankees Stadiums, the legendary Polo Grounds, the Shea Stadium for a few seasons and Fenway Park, in almost 2,200 games played since the first time they met in 1901