The former All-Star Gary Sanchez is training with to be a better catcher

One of the best catchers ever in baseball

It is not foolish to say that Gary Sanchez's season was quite poor, both on offense and on defense. However, it was a bad way to play the receiver position which ignited several alarms within the Yankees, who even thought about changing it.

However, "The Kraken" is aware of his mistakes after the diamond and he resorted to probably the best Latino catcher in history and member of the Hall of Fame, Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez to ask for advice and train with him.

Through his Twitter account, the Dominican shared a photo with Pudge, thanking him for his help during their time together and for his advice and recommendations to be a better catcher.

It's no surprise that Gary Sanchez has asked for help from one of the greatest catchers in history, as the Kraken led the Majors with 17 passed balls.