The mexican player that was the real MVP of the 'Long Gone Summer'

The Mexican hitter beat the Dominican and American stars in two offensive departments

It already smells like Playball from the unpublished short season 2020 of MLB and thus the summer will vibrate with baseball in the United States and Canada. We are just going to remember a very hot summer at batting in 1998, but focused on only three players.

22 years ago, when Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs and Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals revived baseball with that epic you-for-you home run battle, there was a Mexican hitter who didn't hit 60 home runs. like the two of them, but he did achieve a better batting average and a higher number of hits.

That Aztec player on July 4 turned 53 years old and according to that birthday, this server also decided to make these lines. The former slugger I'm talking about is Vinicio Castilla Soria, from the Colorado Rockies.

That season in 1998, the Oaxacan hit .319, well above Sosa's .308 and 'Big Mac' .299. In the hit area, the former Mexican third baseman had 206, for 198 of the former McGwire's Cubs and 152.

Even in the RBI race, Castilla almost surpasses the latter (144 by 147); Sosa was king with 158. But Samuel Sosa also had more at-bats than both: 722, 697 for Castilla and 681 for the former Atlético de Oakland.

Up to this point, Castilla and Sosa have each won two offensive departments, however, McGwire has won four offensive areas starting with home runs: 70 was hit by the little angel, by 66 by Sosa and 46 by great Vinny.

Obviously, Mark also prevailed in OBP, SLG and OPS and by far, as shown in the first Tweet of this article (after the first paragraph), published by Denver reporter Jena Garcia, whose statistics she titled: " Forgotten summer a long time ago. "

The opening day is 13 days away and it is worth remembering that epic relentless summer battle between Sosa and McGwire, where Castilla and Ken Griffey Jr were also in the American League with their 56 home runs and 146 CPs with the Seattle Mariners, among others players.