Viral video of fan throwing 96 mph turns into MLB contract

The twists and turns of life

A couple of weeks ago, two brothers put their arms to the test in a pitching contest at Coors Field. One of them, Nathan Patterson, threw some amazing lines:

A few months earlier, Patterson had drawn attention to social media with his repertoire ... while he had his left arm in a cast.

But the story gets better.

Nathan Patterson, 23, has now signed a contract with the Oakland Athletics:

Patterson shared a bit of his story:

In August 2018, he reached 96 miles per hour in a pitching competition in a Nashville Sounds game, the Triple-A branch of the Athletics back then.

Inspired by this performance, Patterson began training, but was hit by a car and had to be operated on the left wrist.

Patterson was in contact with the Athletics in February, continued training and pulling and joined an amateur league. Then he went to the Rockies game and Oakland's ninth called him a few days later.

Congratulations, Nathan! You have to fight for dreams, especially when you are able to throw like that.

Adrian Garro/Cut4