Yankees attend Michael Jackson tribute concert and controversy followed

Players from the Yankees organization attended a Michael Jackson tribute concert and the comments followed

Being the most mediatic team of all major leagues, anything that the New York Yankees do will be examined with a magnifying glass by all means and fans, and this case is no exception after some players of the Bombers Bronx attended a tribute concert to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

But why the controversy? Nearly ten years after his death, the figure of Michael Jackson is more controversial than ever due to the premiere of an HBO documentary called "Leaving Neverland", which details two testimonies of two children who allegedly sexually abused by Jackson in the decade the 80's

For its part, the entire team of the New York Yankees attended a tribute concert by Michael Jackson on the same day that the documentary was released, which sparked the controversy in social networks for the bad timing of the Bombers of the Bronx. attend this show, not being aware that Jackson was a controversial issue, reaching the point that several users have come to "cancel" everything that has to do with the King of Pop.

Despite the poorly coordinated attendance at this tribute concert to Michael Jackson, the New York Yankees team can rest assured, as it is almost certain that there will be no call for attention from the higher echelons of the Big Leagues, since in spite of everything, it was a coincidence that all this happened the same day.