Fan yells 'overrated' to Bryce Harper and did this

The outfielder had a great day with two bombs

In the sixth inning of the Nationals' 6-5 win over the Reds on Sunday, Bryce Harper hit his first home run of the year. It was, of course, a moonshot -- traveling halfway up the bleachers in right field:

But Bryce wasn't satisfied with just one dinger. He was thirsty for more. And in the ninth inning, he came up to try and add some insurance runs to his team's 5-3 lead. Reds fans were restless and, let's face it, probably angry to see No. 34 up at the plate again. They didn't want any more Bryce moonshots.

One fan tried his best to get in Harper's head right before the pitch came -- to distract him from doing his job. That did not work.

Pay attention to the audio and you will hear a clear "overrated".

Bryce responded with another bomb:

I guess it´s not wise to mess with Bryce, he got real power. | By Matt Monagan