Beltre would take a pay cut if that helps the Rangers to add players

The Rangers captain want his ring!

As the MLB offseason is slowly turning into Spring Training, there are teams that are still looking to add key players to their roster, in order to boost their chances of reaching the Playoffs. Although the Rangers have a decent team, they want to add a superstar to their roster.


The team's captain Adrián Beltré, as a good leader, is willing to take a shot for everyone, as Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports, the Dominican would defer part of his $18 million salary to help the Rangers to acquire a major signing.


And Beltré has someone in mind, as he dropped the name of no other than the much desired free agent J.D. Martínez. However, besides the effort that Beltre could make, it is very unlikely that the Rangers will sign Martinez, as the D-Backs and the Red Sox are the possible destinations.


Beltre is heading to his 20th season in the Majors, as he has spent the last 7 seasons of his career in Texas, reaching a World Series in 2011 and becoming a member of the prestigious 3,000 Hit Club.