Cardinals out on Giancarlo Stanton? Dodgers waiting to attack?

Rumors of the outfielder's possible trade have him going out West

A possible trade for Giancarlo Stanton has become a complete soap opera this off-season with several teams fighting for his services.

And things just got a little more interesting thanks to Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports.

According to Heyman, despite Stanton's representatives meeting with the Cardinals, the slugger has them as his "last choice" and he would pick the Giants "100 percent" before St. Louis.


Stanton has a Full-No-Trade clause and he could veto any trade, but the Giants do fall under two of his requirements:

- A team on one of the coasts

- A team built for playoffs.

Despite the Giants struggling in 2017, they are built to make a run at the playoffs with players like Madison Bumgarner, Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford and Johnny Cueto.

But, apparently, Stanton is not "100 percent" sold on the Giants team and thinks they "lack depth, which is a reason he is not already headed to the bay.

One of Heyman's sources also indicated that his number one choice is the West coast,  the second choice the East coast and all the way in the back is the Midwest.

The Cardinals have made progress by getting a meeting with Stanton's reps, but ultimately it could just be him "touching all his bases" before making a decision and in case he had only St. Louis as an option.


Heyman's source explains that Stanton is still hoping the Dodgers get involved and they are "not disinterested", but with the Los Angeles so far over the Luxury Tax it would be very difficult to get something done.

An option, Heyman explains, would be to adjust his contract, add some opt-out clauses, things of that nature, since they can't really decrease the value of the deal.

Stanton is owed $295 million over the next 10 years, money the Giants and Cardinals are willing to take on. At least a large part.

Heyman also indicated that teams like the Red Sox and Yankees are "long shots" right now, but with the process dragging out anything could happen.


The current "Home Run King" could end up waiting out the process in hopes the Dodgers and Marlins work something out, but every day it looks even more likely that he will end up a Giant before winter's end.

Stanton had a career season in 2017 smashing a total of 59 home runs and won the NL MVP because of his great preformance this season.