Corey Dickerson felt 'embarrassed' after being placed in assignation

The slugger says he was 'disrespected' by the Rays

Corey Dickerson

Corey Dickerson | AP

The slugger Corey Dickerson was the last star player to leave Tampa Bay in a series of confusing moves that ultimately, have led the Rays to a rebuilding process that have angered and disappointed fans and players.


Dickerson was placed on assignation in order to free some cap space and open a spot on the roster for C.J. Cron. The former All-Star found his way a few days after, being signed by the Pittsburgh Pirates via trade.


But this is not the end of the story, as Dickerson himself spoke to MLB Network Radio on Sirius XM in an interview, he says he felt embarrassed and disrespected after hearing the news:

When they called me ... I thought I got traded. And then (GM Erik Neander) dropped that they were gonna DFA me. And I was confused, embarrassed a little bit, as I started to think about my friends and my family.


The 28-year-old had the best season of his career in 2017, slamming 27 HR's and 62 RBI's, averaging .282 as a designated hitter and was named to the All-Star game, so it was a shocking surprise that the Rays were willing to get rid of him. Dickerson also said on the radio show:

You know you work so hard, you put in all this work, and you perform, and ... you worry about what people think. I was a little bit angry, disrespected feeling. There's a lot of emotions going on. It's really hard to even put in to words, it was kind of like I was so caught off guard I couldn't even really have proper thoughts.


Now that Dickerson is now in a Pirates uniform, he has the chance to prove himself again now as an outfielder, and show the Rays that they made the wrong decision by releasing him.