Craig Kimbrel will return to Boston ... But to pick up his World Series ring

He will return but not in the way that everyone expects

We are already going for the second week of the regular season and there are no signs that closer Craig Kimbrel will sign for a team soon, and the search for work for the possibly best closer of the last decade is becoming increasingly difficult. However, you will soon be able to feel the heat of a packed stadium again, even if it is not to stand on the mound.

According to NBC Boston, the still free agent will attend the World Series rings delivery ceremony next week, when the Boston Red Sox play their first game of the season at home against the Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday. April 9.

Although Kimbrel was formally invited to the ceremony, the closer mentioned to the president of the Sam Kennedy team via email that he would do everything possible to attend Fenway Park that day.

According to NBC Boston, the Red Sox also invited other players who are no longer on the team but who were champions last year, such as Hanley Ramirez, Joe Kelly, Drew Pomeranz and Ian Kinsler, who found a kilid in other teams, but due to who have commitments to their current sets, it is quite likely that they do not attend.