How much money will the Yankees have to spend for Dallas Keuchel or make a trade?

The Yankees team will look to improve their roster before the end of summer

The New York Yankees are expected to be one of the most active major league teams in the foreign exchange market and even in free agency due to Dallas Keuchel.

As of June 2, Keuchel's signature is expected to become a reality, as the left-handed pitcher will no longer be tied to a draft pick.

In recent weeks the Yankees have been mentioned as one of the favorites to sign Keuchel and with good reason because the team has had several injuries, including the injury of his AS Luis Severino.

With the Bronx team at the top of their division they will do everything possible to improve their squad, but there is a problem ... The Yankees want to keep again below the luxury tax limit.

What does that mean?

According to Andy Martino of SNY Network, the Yankees have about 20 million dollars to carry out the movements they want to do.

20 million is a lot of money and I could even not only get Keuchel but more.

The signature by Keuchel is expected to be around 18 million dollars, despite only being active half of the season.

That leaves only a few million dollars to add something more to either the rotation or a infielder, but according to Martino, the Yanks' team would go from the luxury tax for a starter like Trevor Bauer (13 million dollars), Madison Bumgarner (12 million) or Marcus Stroman (7.5 million).

In a few days we will have a little more clarity on what the Yankees plan will be on the way to the second half of the season.