Madison Bumgarner and the clause that could decide his destiny in trade market

The left hander is setting up to make the final decision on hi possible trade

It seems that ACE Madison Bumgarner has in his hands the decision of which team he would like to be traded to this season, because he has a clause in his contract that would block some of the best teams in the Major Leagues from exacty that.

According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, left-hander Bumgarner has a "NO TRADE" clause in his contract that includes eight teams where he could not be traded without his authorization.

The surprising thing about his list is that they are all contenders:

- New York Yankees

- Atlanta Braves

- Boston Red Sox

- Chicago Cubs

- Houston Astros

- Milwaukee Brewers

- Phillies of Philadelphia

- St. Louis Cardinals

Each of those teams are currently contenders for postseason and even some are favorites to win the World Series.

So, why block them?

Actually it was something very clever from Bumgarner.

Normally when a player makes his list of "NO TRADE" teams he includes the teams he would not like to play with due to the situation of the team or where they play, but Bumgarner did include the bigger teams in baseball and the reason is that this franchises are the most likely to look for a trade for him and now he can decide exactly where he wants to go.

That means that basically this is the list of teams that will be in the fight for MadBum.