¿Madison Bumgarner on his way to the Brewers?

Things seem to be getting intense

The San Francisco Giants began to be skeptical as the offseason progressed over whether to switch to Madison Bumgarner and begin a rebuild on the team. However, the Milwaukee Brewers have entered the play and things have become serious between the two teams.

According to information from Jon Morosi of, the Giants and the Brewers have had strong talks and negotiations about the possibility of making a trade for the 2014 World Series MVP, Madison Bumgarner, who at the end of the 2019 season he will become a free agent.

Since the arrival of the new president of operations, Farhan Zaidi, it was expected that the Giants will begin to make drastic moves and plant a clear position towards 2019: If starting a reconstruction by getting prospects when changing their greatest figures or reinforcing what is left of the team that won the 3 World Series at the beginning of the decade and give them one last chance to go far in the postseason.

However, a clear position has not been defined until now, but rumors about the possible trade of Bumgarner could mark the immediate future of the franchise.