Max Scherzer to the Yankees?

The Nationals ACE could be traded before August

It is OFFICIAL, summer Hot Stove season is in full effect and a name that is surprising everyone as a possible trade piece is that of Max Scherzer and the Yankees could be his next stop.

The Washington Nationals despite having lost Bryce Harper in free agency they still signed some important pieces to fight for the National League East Division, but luck has not been on their side and they are currently 8 games behind the leaders of their division the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Nationals biggest problem is that they are also behind the Atlanta Braves and the New York Mets, they only have a better record than the Miami Marlins, the team that many call the worst in all MLB.

That's why there has been talk of the possibility that the Nationals are thinking about making some changes to their roster for two important points. The first to save some money and the second to get some prospects to help keep the team competitive in the future.

That's why columnist Joel Sherman of the NY Post said in one of his last works that the Nationals should use Max Scherzer as the centerpiece in a trade to cover both points and the Yankees look like a perfect candidate.

Unlike the Nationals, the Bronx team is at the top of their division despite several injuries and before the end of the window of changes they will surely look for a piece that will help them win a championship.

The right has not had the best start to the season with a record of two wins and five losses with a 3.72 ERA. Still, Scherzer is a three-time Cy Young, his last two in 2016 and 2017 while in 2018 he finished second.

Scherzer could be that piece and even his contract would work perfectly for the Yankees, as the AS is under contract until 2021 and it is then that many of their young players will be just receiving their first million dollar contracts.

To carry out we could see the Yankees include some of their prospects pitchers that are the best in all the Minor Leagues, area where they will need help in the future because while they have very talented players in the box, their mound is another story.

The Yankees will have at least two options to look for an AS to join their rotation between Scherzer and Bumgarner, but which will be decided?

We'll see.