New York Columnist explains why Yankees should sign Bryce Harper

The arrival of Bryce Harper to the Yankees does not look so out of place

The odds for Bryce Harper to land in New York are still very few, however, columnist Andrew Marchand says that Harper's signing with the Yankees makes a lot of sense for many reasons.

Through his main twitter account, the analyst mentioned some details that New York management could consider to start taking the star into account.

Marchand says that because of his age and ability to hit the left could be one of the main reasons, since the Yankees are looking for the best balance to their line-up. In addition, he mentioned that Harper can hit more than 30 homers per season, plus an on-base percentage of 40% all the time.

He closed his comment by assuring that the 26-year-old free agent could continue to do the same at Yankee Stadium.

One of the reasons why the Yankees might consider going for Harper's signing, despite their overcrowding of outfielders, is the next free agency of Brett Gardner and Aaron Hicks, both left-handed hitters and also outfielders.

Although, until now, it seems that the New York are more focused on Manny Machado, who looks like a favorite to reach the "city that never sleeps."

The last time that Harper and the Yankees were related was when the agent of the ballplayer, Scott Boras, assured that his client had the necessary skills to be an everyday first basemen.