Phillies and White Sox have guaranteed Bryce Harper a 10 year contract

The outfielder could sign a historical new deal

One of the biggest unknowns of this winter is where will Bryce Harper sign? It will be that he will wear blue next season with the Los Angeles Dodgers or will be filled with tickets with the millionaire proposals of Philadelphia Phillies and White Sox of Chicago.

Without a doubt, the fate of Harper generates many doubts in the Major Leagues, but, the truth is that everything seems to be clarifying for the star.

Recently, Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports, mentioned that both Phillies and White Sox are willing to guarantee Harper at least 10 years of contract.

Passan, indicated in the column that he dedicated to the free agent outfielder that both teams have advanced in the discussions, but that undoubtedly the millionaire figures that Harper seeks remains one of the biggest obstacles.

Harper at age 26 is considered the face of MLB along with Mike Trout, both players have been filled with individual titles, however, at the team level they remain without winning anything.

Perhaps, the answer to decipher the destiny of the gardener is which of the teams that consider it their main objective can win in the short term?

The Phillies can build a competitive squad based on their flexible payroll, the history of the White Sox is different, the team from South Chicago remains in a slow reconstruction and does not seem to be a clear destination for the agents free most quoted.

As for the Dodgers, their high roster of players could push them to take a different path, despite being considered the favorites to get their signature.

The New York Yankees have shown little interest in Harper, as they have an overcrowded gardeners that would not allow them to add him to their rosters. In addition, they remain the favorites to sign Manny Machado.