Phillies not turned off by Manny Machado's antics

Philadelphia GG answers the question

It seemed that everyone wanted to ask the Phillies general manager, Matt Kentak, about what Manny Machado had done - from his alleged dirty play to his comments about a lack of effort.

People wanted to know if Machado's attitude had taken him off the shopping list in Philadelphia.

No way. Not yet.

If you're trying to find the young free agent who is good in every respect and a prince in the clubhouse, you're going to be looking for a long time, Klentak said at the Major League General Managers' Meetings.

"You will not always find someone who meets all the requirements."

The Phillies will pursue services in the market to superstars Bryce Harper and Manny Machado this winter. Many consider Philadelphia a favorite to sign at least one of them. But Klentak said he plans to explore all options to improve his team. That means that lefty Patrick Corbin and other high profile free agents will be on his radar. In addition, Jon Paul Morosi of reported that the Phillies are targeting closer Craig Kimbrel.


Philadelphia is expected to be quite active in the foreign exchange market as well.

Machado continues to represent a topic to follow. At one point he seemed like a sure candidate to receive a contract of about US $ 300 million. But now it looks a bit risky because the one who signs that kind of agreement becomes the face of a franchise, has a good reputation or not, whether leader or not, give a greater effort all the time or not.


"When we evaluate the players, we do our best to evaluate the player as a whole, everything he brings," Klentak said. "Offensive, defense, running bases, what they are made of, their work ethic, their age, their health history and a couple of other things." We calculate all those characteristics when evaluating the player. and contracts according to that.


Would the Phillies be willing to make that kind of commitment?

"You have to see it case by case," said Klentak. "I was part of the Angels in December 2011 when we awarded a 10-year contract to Albert Pujols.

It was not the only time that someone has signed a contract of that duration. Actually, it's about the conditions at that moment, both for the franchise and for that player.

"I do not like to operate with absolute ideas, I do not like to say that we would never do this and that we would never do that, we have to keep an open mind and be willing to make adjustments, but there are risks with a contract of that duration."

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