The San Diego Padres are meeting with Bryce Harper

The future of Bryce Harper this 2019 is still not defined

The San Diego Padres are becoming the true "Black Horse" of this free agency because of the possibility of battling teams like the Philadelphia Phillies and White Sox of Chicago for the signatures of the winter free agents.

In the last days it is affirmed that San Diego is with everything for the signature of Manny Machado and although some assure that Bryce Harper does not enter into their plans, they are very wrong.

According to reports from Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, the parents have agreed to a meeting with Harper on Thursday or Friday in Las Vegas.

In addition Rosenthal assured that the meeting is present owners and representatives.

The correspondent also adds that Harper and Boras have met with different teams in recent days, sometimes it took two to three meetings. However, there is no indication that an agreement is near.

It is said that the Fathers are willing to add a piece that accompanies Eric Hosmer in order to complete his reconstruction. But, if the San Diego team completes this movement a series of moves would have to be made in their gardens as it has an overpopulation of gardeners.

Everything would make more sense and it would be more logical to think that the Padres offer one of their outfielders from the big team to the Marlins with some prospects for the change of J.T. Realmuto so that in this way the natural space for Harper is created.

The future of Harper this 2019 is not yet clear because it is claimed that the Phillies are very focused on the talks. There is talk of mystery teams that point out that the Chicago Cubs could enter the battle and we would not even rule out the New York Yankees.