The Yankees are still looking for a starter to prop up their rotation

Who would the Yankees get?

The Yankees greatly strengthened their bullpen with the addition of Adam Ottavino and the return of Zach Britton, but the unfinished business is still to add another pitching pitcher. Despite putting together the change for James Paxton and signing the returns of Sabathia and J.A. Happ, the departure of Sonny Gray, in one way or another, weakened the starting corps.

With this in mind, according to information from Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe, New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is still interested in adding another starting pitcher to his rotation, with several options in mind like Dallas. Keuchel or even Gio González and Ervin Santana, coming from free agency.

The Yankees currently have Luis Severino, James Paxton, Masahiro Tanaka, J.A Happ and C.C. Sabathia how his starting rotation for the next season, but being the last year of Sabathia and their health problems make it necessary at least to have a plan b in case of injury or hire a fifth starter and that the veteran becomes a long relay or the same plan b for the Yankees.