The contract Braves to offer Craig Kimbrel

Craig Kimbrel remains unemployed during the start of the 2019 season

The contract Braves to offer Craig Kimbrel

The contract Braves to offer Craig Kimbrel | AP

At this point of the season and if Craig Kimbrel finds equipment, it could be anyone.

There is no sign of the future of the former closer of the Red Sox in Boston, but what is certain is that until now his unemployment seems to be a fact, at least until the middle of the season.

The disadvantage of this is that his value could be lower if he signs at this time unlike if he waits until after May for his lack of play and when the contending teams begin to look for crucial pieces and clearly, he is one of them .

Still he has maintained contact with several teams of the National League, with the Atlanta Braves being one of the most committed. It was recently announced that Atlanta management sought him out at Spring Training trying to offer a short-term deal according to reports from Jon Heyman.

The correspondent assumed that due to the little information it is unlikely that nothing is being discussed between both parties. However, the amount of money they offered for their services is not known.

The Milwaukee Brewers also appeared as a destination with enough sense for Kimbrel. The loss of his closer Corey Knebel was one of the most important reasons.

Kimbrel, a clear candidate for the Hall of Fame, currently holds the major league saves with 333.