The owner of the Yankees says he would spend big before deadline

It seems that the Yankees have quite big plans for the trade market

The New York Yankees have reinforced their lineup by adding more power in the form of Edwin Encarnación. However, many consider that they still have a pending issue when they have to reinforce their starting pitching, and the owner of the team, Hal Steinbrenner, is aware that he has to take out the checkbook again.

Steinbrenner spoke to Greg Joyce of The New York Post, where he stated that he knows he has to keep spending if he wants his Yankees to achieve maximum success, like the World Series, at the end of the season, and that he has to do it before the end of the season. Change deadline:

If I feel that a deal will take us to the top then yes, I will. We will always try to have the best team on the field every year, that's the promise we make to the fans. Pitching is my concern, that's why we went after Britton, Happ, Ottavino, etc. So yes, we are going to spend money to try to be the best.

The Yankees at this moment have a salary of 217 million dollars, seconds behind the Red Sox, and if they wanted to add a big signature or make a change for a player with a fairly high salary, they will pass the luxury tax, the which is set at 226 million dollars.