What Red Sox would have to send to Mets for Edwin Díaz

If Boston wants to have 'Sugar' Díaz in its ranks as a closer, he will have to release two of his best prospects and big shots: Dalbec and Casas

Pray the saying that to get something good, you have to give something good. If Boston Red Sox wants to obtain the rights of Puerto Rican closer Edwin Díaz, he will have to part with two of his top prospects: Bobby Dalbec and Triston Casas, the latter number one in the organization.

Sports journalist Buster Olney of ESPN commented on the following on his twitter account:

Any Red Sox offer for Edwin Diaz would presumably include minor league slug Bobby Dalbec, who is blocked at third base by young Rafael Devers, or the number 1 choice of 2018 in the draft, Triston Casas, in case Mets see it as an option in the anteroom. The Red Sox are confident that they will make an impact bullpen movement between Monday and Wednesday.

It seems that the Mets can officially write to the Red Sox behind the Yankees and the Astros on the list of teams that could make them look stupid by looting their talent.

According to reports, it seems that Boston is very confident that it can make an impact bullpen move before the exchange deadline, driven by this weekend's series victory against the Yankees.

Many in the industry are starting to connect the dots, which seem to take the Mets closer, Edwin Diaz, to Boston. According to Buster Olney, slugging prospect Bobby Dalbec would probably be involved.

If Dalbec (or Casas) leaves, that is something the Red Sox nation will simply have to endure; After all, who needs a third-base prospect in Dalbec that is larger than his entrenched star, Rafael Devers?

On the surface, the Mets that deliver Diaz quickly after distributing the top of his farm this offseason would be questionable at best, disastrous at worst.

But these are the Mets. They just negotiated with Marcus Stroman and imported a mentality of winning now despite their poor defensive frame, just for the chance to block the Yankees. Why would they not also treat a closer elite within the NYY division? After an exemplary 2018 season, Diaz's effectiveness in the campaign is 4.81. He could also start putting burgundy B in his cap now.