Yankees meet with pitcher Alex Cobb

The New York team is looking to add a quality starter

Yankees looking for a starter.

Yankees looking for a starter. | AP

The Yankees are still working on improving their squad for the 2018 season

The team has said it doesn't plan to make a "big expensive move" this offseason, but they are looking to add one more quality arm to their rotation, insert Alex Cobb here.

According to Sean Sears of Mockery Sports and Matthew Aung, the right-hander met with the Yankees this week and will have a second meeting next week.



Despite this, Sears and Aung maintain that the Cubs remain the favorites to sign the right-hander at the moment.

Cobb has important ties with the Cubs since in Tampa Bay he played for now Chicago manager Joe Maddon and his pitching coach with Rays was Jim Hickey who will be taking over as pitching coach in 2018 for the Cubs.


After six seasons with the Tampa Bay Rays, Cobb has a record of 48-35 in his career with a 3.50 ERA in a total of 115 starts.


Cobb has been one of the names most Yankees fans have mentioned as a good addition to the Yanks rotation since he has pitched well against AL East teams and would not be an expensive move that could hinder the clubs future signings.