Addison Russell, fan and nachos lead to amazing moment

The Cubs shortstop absolutely destroyed a fan's nachos

Russell falling into the bleachers.

Russell falling into the bleachers. | AP

A plate of nachos and an outstanding effort by Addison Russell resulted in one of the best moments in Major League Baseball on Monday Night.

It all happened in the second inning when Jedd Gyorko hit a fly ball in foul territory down the left field line. A ball that Russell made an effort to catch by jumping into the bleachers in an effort to make the grab.

Unfortunately, he didn't get the out and he knocked some poor fan's nachos all over the bleachers and field.

Russell ended up with nacho cheese all over his hands and uniform, but apparently, he felt really bad about the fan's nachos because minutes later he took a brand new plate out for the Cardinals fan.

And he even took a picture with him midgame.

Here is the video:

A round of applause for Russell.

He deserves it.