Javier Báez one of the most popular Google searches in 2017

The Cubs infielder was setting trends this year with his hairstyle

Javier Báez.

Javier Báez. | AP

You have to admit... Javier Báez has crazy swag!

On Wednesday announced the most searched topics on Google for the year 2017 and of course baseball's "Magician" (El Mago) had to be included in the list.

Báez appeared as one of 2017's most searched celebrity hairstyles, it seems his bleached blonde  hair for the World Baseball Classic and his different hairstyles caught fans interest.

Javy even twittted about being in the #YearInSearch list:


 Here are some of his looks this year:

The last one was for fun.

Keep doing your thing Javy, just remember we also love you for plays like this:

 Here is the full #YearInSearch list.