Javy Báez announces gender of baby with Instagram post

The Cubs infielder announced the pregnancy a few days ago

Javier Báez

Javier Báez | AP

The surprise of the announcement of Javy Báez girlfriend's pregnancy is still fresh in most fans minds and many were hoping for a boy after Báez made the news public on Instagram.


This Monday, "El Mago" (The Magician) made another announcement, the gender of couples baby.

In another Instagram post,  Báez made his gender reveal that even his fans were nervous to click the right arrow to see the babies sex.

Here is the post:



Guess what?��������

Una publicación compartida por Javier Báez ⚾ (@javy23baez) el

And we have a BOY! "El Magüito" time in the Báez household.

Javy appears in the pictures to be very excited about having a boy and we are too, two smooth "Magos" will be fun.