Josh Reddick "infuriates" Dodgers fans on Instagram

The outfielder is still not well liked in Los Ángeles

Josh Reddick.

Josh Reddick. | AP

It's no secret that Josh Reddick, outfielder for the Houston Astros, keeps a bit of a grudge against Los Angeles Dodgers fans for how he was treated during his time with the team in 2016.

During his return to Dodgers Stadium, he confessed that there was no better rival to play in the World Series, as he really didn't like the Dodger Blue fans that "let him have it" when he played there.

But, it seems that winning the World Series and continuing the Dodgers championship drought was not enough, and Reddick keeps "poking" at the L.A. fans.

Through his Instagram account, he published an image thanking @LamboHouston for the attention and service. Notwithstanding the main point that was his luxury Lamborghini, he infuriated Dodgers fans by what he was wearing in the post.


Thanks to @lambohouston for the hookup! So in love with her! #Red&Black #WorldSeriesGift #Lambo

Una publicación compartida de Josh Reddick (@realjoshreddick) el

Reddick's shirt which read "We beat L.A.".

Of course, seeing that the Dodgers fans immediately reacted and attacked him on the social platform with comments like this.

"Yeah, the Astros may have won..... But you didnt do SH%&!!!! LMAO you sucked as a Dodger and now you suck as an Astro.... Now go throw your bat and cry in the dug out again."

And that is just one of hundreds of comments by Dodgers fans.

Astros next visit to Dodger Stadium shall be very interesting in 2018, especially for Josh Reddick.