Can Giancarlo Stanton end up with the Dodgers?

The slugger wants to play in Los Angeles


Stanton. | AP

Giancarlo Stanton is the hottest topic in Major League Baseball this off-season. 

The Marlins have been in talks for the outfielder with several teams and it seems that these would be progressing in cases like the Giants and Cardinals.

But Buster Olney of ESPN, explains that the Marlins could have made a mistake by not talking to Stanton prior to these discussions, especially because the player has a No-Trade-Clause.

At the moment it seems that Miami's need to lighten their payroll and Stanton's desire to be on a winning team have led the teams to look for a trade.

But Olney explains that if Stanton wants it he could force a move to the place he wants, which according to sources close to him are the Dodgers, especially for the next offseason when his contract is set to rise more and more for the Marlins.

This increase would force the Marlins to find a way to make a trade with the Dodgers, who have not shown much interest in the Most Valuable in the National League. and his contract of $295 million dollars over the next 10 years.

But if the right situation arises, it could be deal time for the team in Dodger Blue.

Ultimately, Derek Jeter's inexperience has shown somewhat in handling Stanton's situation and he could end up paying for it by having to accept a much less valuable trade.