Cubs sign potential closer Brandon Morrow on the "cheap"

The right-hander could become the closer in Chicago

The Chicago Cubs just added one of 2017's best relievers in right-hander Brandon Morrow and according to Ken Rosenthal he will also be inexpensive.

Morrow's deal with the Cubs will be for two years and $18 million dollars with a vesting option on a third year, informed Rosenthal.

The deal guarantees Morrow $21 million in total as it is for $9 million for 2018 and same in 2019, in 2020 the team gets a vesting option for worth $12 million if bought out he would get $3 million extra.


Rosenthal also reported from the Winter Meetings in Orlando, Florida, that the deal is done and is only awaiting a physical to be official.


Morrow's deal is relatively cheap, as just a year before relievers like Aroldis Chapman and Kenley Jansen signed record-setting deals.

The right-hander, who could be in line for the closer role in Chicago or setup man for around $7 million less per year than the Jansen and Chapman.

Two top relievers in the free agency market Wade Davis and Greg Holland are expected to each sign four-year deals for above $50 million dollars each, according to MLB Trade Rumors, which makes the deal a great one if Morrow excels in the closer role.

Morrow set a record in the World Series as the first reliever to throw in all of the seven games for the Dodgers, and also in 14 of the 15 games they played in the postseason. 


The 32-year-old started his career in Seattle as a reliever in 2007 and became a starter the following year and stayed in that role until 2013 when he made the move again to the bullpen with the Blue Jays.

Since 2015 Morrow has not lost a game and has a record of 9-0.

Last year he threw a total of 43.2 innings with an impressive ERA of 2.06. He also penciled in a couple of saves for the Dodgers.

Morrow suffers from Type-1 Diabetes and has since he was 17-year-old and has become an inspiration to many with his battle against the illness.