Giants expect Giancarlo Stanton's decision soon and fear the Dodgers not Cardinals

Everyone is waiting for the outfielder's trade this off-season

Giancarlo Stanton.

Giancarlo Stanton. | AP

After weeks of rumors and speculation, a Giancarlo Stanton trade seems to be getting closer and closer.

According to Alex Pavlovic of NBC Sports, the San Francisco Giants expect Stanton to make a decision by the end of the week, on if he will accept a trade or not.

Pavlovic also mentioned that the team from The Bay is worried about losing the slugger, but it's not the other team in the running for Stanton as of now. 

It appears the Giants are more worried about the Los Angeles Dodgers than the St. Louis Cardinals, team who already has an agreed upon package with the Marlins, according to sources.


Pavlovic makes sure to add that things could change as it goes.

Craig Mish of SiriusXM even says the decision is 2 to 3 days away.

The Giants are so worried about the Dodgers because that's Stanton´s favorite team to be traded to this off-season and it seems he is waiting for something to develop between the teams from L.A. and Miami.


It was reported on Tuesday that the Giants would trade their best prospect in Christian Arroyo to the Marlins if the trade would be accepted by Stanton.

The current "Home Run King" has a Full-Trade-Clause and he has the last word on if a trade gets made or not, even if the Marlins "threaten" him that they will strip the team down.


In a recent interview, Derek Jeter indicated that the team had not made a decision yet on any trade, which just seems to further complicate the situation.