Marlins "close" to accepting trade for Giancarlo Stanton from the Giants

The outfielder could be moving out West soon

The San Francisco Giants are close to getting the right fielder they have been wanting all along this off-season in the form of Giancarlo Stanton.

According to Jon Morosi of on Twitter, the Marlins are close to accepting a deal that would send Stanton to the Giants for Joe Panik, two top-prospects and taking $250 million from the slugger's contract.

Giancarlo Stanton trade development: Source says #Marlins likely would accept offer of Panik, Beede and Shaw for Stanton alone -- if #SFGiants committed to paying at least $250 million of the $295 million left on Stanton’s contract. @MLB @MLBNetwork

 It seems the deal is close to being wrapped up by both teams, but there is still one big problem or hurdle you could say.

Stanton has to approve the trade.

Morosi explains:

Sources: Giancarlo Stanton has not given formal word to #Marlins that he would accept trade to #SFGiants, but officials involved in talks are optimistic that he ultimately will. @MLBNetwork @MLB

Stanton has a Full-No-Trade clause and he could veto the trade, but the Giants do fall under two of his requirements:

- A team on one of the coasts

- A team built for playoffs.

Despite the Giants struggling in 2017, they are built to make a run at the playoffs with players like Madison Bumgarner, Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford and Johnny Cueto.

Stanton's heart seems to be set on the Dodgers, however, his childhood team, but most reports indicate the L.A. team is not willing to take on all of the slugger's contract.

The #dodgers are practically bragging that they can keep winning without paying anyone a nine-figure contract. Anyone who thinks Stanton to LA is a done deal should know that. They are trimming $, not adding.
- Henry Schulman

If the #Dodgers were actually interested in taking on Giancarlo Stanton's contract, they would have traded for Justin Verlander this summer. They are not adding significant payroll.
- Bob Nightengale

The current "Home Run King" and NL MVP might not have much of a choice if he wants to be on a winning team, as the Marlins made it clear to him that it was him accepting a trade or playing on a strip down squad.

The Marlins informed Stanton in October that if he refused to waive his Full-No-Trade clause and accept a trade, he would remain a Marlin and team officials would look to trade off other top players to reduce payroll.
- Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald

Which is set for $295 million over the next 10 years, with a 2020 player opt-out clause and also a club option for an 11th season.

It had been reported that the Giants were willing to take on all of Stanton´s contract, but it seems they will be getting a $45 million discount from the Miami team.

I have been told the #SFGiants are willing to take on the entire contract, and that makes the Giants the favorites right now with the Cardinals in second place. I think the Giants are all-in until the end to get Stanton.
- Craig Mish via Tim Mckerman

Stanton and Shohei Ohtani seem to be the players that have been slowing down the free agency and trade market this winter, and if this exchange goes through it might upstart the flow of moves this off-season.