Shohei Ohtani's transfer to MLB off?

The Japanese star could have to stay in his home country one more year

Shohei Otani.

Shohei Otani. | AP

When everyone was waiting for Japan star Shohei Ohtani to land in the Big Leagues this winter and for his Major League career to start in 2018.

Everything seems to indicate that his arrival is still far from happening, because, according to Jon Morosi of MLB Network, sources familiar with the situation of the Japanese star, say that there was no progress in the negotiations regarding the posting system on Sunday night after concerns made the MLB Player's Association.

Also, he stressed that they are less than 10 hours from the deadline in the Japan league for the player to be officially posted.

Although MLB and the Japan League reached a 'tentative' agreement to facilitate the arrival of Ohtani to the best baseball league in the world, it's been the MLBPA that has held up the deal due to the fact that they want Ohtani to receive some part of the $20 million dollar posting fee the Nippon-Ham Fighters would get.

The MLBPA is against the fact that Ohtani would only receive between $300K and $3.5 million dollars and not a cent from the $20 million posting fee.

Some of the teams interested in the signing the player that has been called the new "Babe Ruth" are: New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers, Seattle Mariners and pretty much any other team in the Big Leagues.

The Yankees have been mentioned to be the favorites to sign the flamethrower and home run hitter in one.

Otani was plagued by injuries this season, finishing with a .332 batting average in 65 games and pitching for 3.20 ERA in 5 starts in the Japan League.

CAA Sports is the agency representing the Japanese player,  which also represents several other Major League players like the Giants catcher, Buster Posey, and Mets pitchers, Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard.