The teams that could end up "winners" from the Braves punishment

Teams like the Giants, Dodgers and Royals could end up with a great new prospect on their books



Although the Atlanta Braves received really bad news Tuesday as they would have to bid farewell to 12 prospects, their misfortune could now help other teams this winter. 

As recent information from Ben Badler of Baseball America, indicates that the Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals, teams with penalties in terms of international signings this year could end up signing top prospect Kevin Maitan or any of the other Braves prospect that was lost.

Due to the fact that all teams will be allowed to dip into their international pool money for 2018-2019, teams like the ones mentioned above that have penalized this year and can only sign players for $300K, but now they can offer Maitan more money than they would have in the 2017-2018 class.

Besides the Venezuelan, prospects Juan Contreras, Yefri del Rosario, Abrahan Gutierrez, Juan Carlos Negret, Yenci Peña, Yunior Severino, Liván Soto, Guillermo Zuñiga, Brandol Mezquita, Angel Rojas, Antonio Sucre and Ji Hwan Bae have all been declared free agents subject to certain rules for signing by any team.

But the prized prospect is definetly Maitan, who was already considered the #5 Braves prospect this past year and that was on one of the most loaded Minor League systems in the country.

Maitan is a shortstop and third basemen that can switch hit and has shown power from both sides.


Some teams could even target Maitan as a "Plan B" to Shohei Ohtani.