“We’re not as good as we were 24 hours ago”: Chris Archer

The Rays' pitcher is, to say the least, really surprised with the team's recent moves

The Rays underwent through massive changes these past couples of days, as the Tampa team traded Jake Odorizzi to the Minnesota Twins and shockingly designated Corey Dickerson, who was the only All-Star in the team last season. Even the now Giants' player Evan Longoria showed his disappointment towards the Rays' situation.



This Monday morning, pitcher Chris Archer also spoke about this, and he also looks not so optimistic, as he spoke to the media at the Rays' Spring Training camp:

With both of those moves we're not as good as we were 24 hours ago. I'll leave it at that just because there is uncertainty. Young arms could step up. Young bats could step up and fill that position Corey (Dickerson) was going to be in. But as of today, our team is not quite as good as it was yesterday

Chris Archer himself also has been linked with moves away from Tampa, as the Minnesota Twins reportedly made a trade offer for the RHP, and also the Padres have shown interest in him.



Archer made his MLB debut in 2012 with the Rays. He has played his whole career in Tampa and will be a free agent until 2020 and holds a career record of 51-63, with a 3.63 ERA and 1,044 K's.