Where will Manny Machado land?

The infielder is on the trade block and wants to return to shortstop

On Tuesday it was reported by Ken Rosenthal that the Baltimore Orioles were ready to officially take in offers for their biggest star Manny Machado.

Rosenthal also indicated that Machado is also looking for another move, a return to shortstop.


After it first being mentioned by Rosenthal,  Rob Bradford of WEEI reported that the Orioles are getting tons of interest and calls on Machado.


Some of the teams that have been linked to having interest in one of the best defensive infielders include teams like the Phillies, the Cardinals, and the Yankees.

Philadelphia seems like a long shot as they are still rebuilding and if they trade for Machado, since he is a free agent at the end of the season.


St. Louis, on the other hand, has been looking to make a splash from the beginning of the off-season as they went all in on trying to add Giancarlo Stanton, but at the end, the slugger decided to veto their offer and ended up going to New York.

Now the Cardinals have been linked to Josh Donaldson and Machado, and with Machado actually on the trading block the "red birds" will probably offer a lot for the Dominican.

The other option is the Yankees, who have been interested in Machado for years and it's said they will go after the infielder in free agency after 2018.

But, how about they get him a year early, especially now that they have Stanton it could be an "all in year" for a championship.

At the beginning of the off-season it had been floated by several reporters that the Yankees should trade their #1 prospect Gleyber Torres for Machado, but with Starlin Castro and Chase Headley now gone it's clear Torres will end up on the big team at some point in 2018.

Torres could take either spot, whether it be second or third.

The Yankees have another prospect they could trade in Miguel Andujar for Machado, and they could facilitate his move to shortstop by moving Didi Gregorious to third or second base where ever he feels more comfortable and whatever is left for Torres.

If they could negotiate an extension for Machado before any trade is made that would probably seal the deal for the Yankees.

For the Orioles, it seems like the perfect time to go into a full rebuild with the Yankees and Red Sox looking like absolute juggernauts in 2018.

Machado would be the first move.

Where will he land?

The Yankees can give you the most, but they are division rivals and that will probably push them to take less from somewhere else.