Which team will sign Lorenzo Cain?

The center fielder may be heading north

Lorenzo Cain.

Lorenzo Cain. | AP

Lorenzo Cain has become one of the most intriguing options this off-season for teams that are looking for an outfield upgrade at a reasonable price

Despite not being one of the best defensive players in MLB, his above average defense has several teams interested in Cain. Especially when you take his bat into account.

On offense, the outfielder has been one of the best center fielding hitters in the game. Finishing 2017 with a batting average of .303 in 155 games, and also 26 stolen bases.

Teams like the Rangers, Blue Jays, Giants, Mets and Mariners have been mentioned as those following Cain's market very closely, informed Connor Byrne of MLB Trade Rumors.

Byrne adds that the teams in most need of reinforcing center field are the Mariners and Giants who have no one with experience at that position.

MLB TR projects a Cain contract to be for 4 seasons and something close to $70 million dollars. 

The outfield has become a hot topic this winter, with most teams looking for trades, with names like Giancarlo Stanton, Jackie Bradley Jr. and Billy Hamilton being tossed around the HOT STOVE.

Whichever team ends up signing Cain this off-season will have to award the Royals a Draft pick, most likely on the higher end side.