Will Francisco Lindor ever sign an extension with the Indians?

Cleveland's shortstop already said no to a nine-figure offer this year

The Cleveland Indians have one of the best shortstops in all of baseball in Francisco Lindor and they have made it very clear they want to keep him for as long as they can, but it seems Lindor isn't as convinced to stay in "The Land".

According to Paul Hoynes of, the Indians have and will continue to look for an extension with Lindor, but the actions of the Puerto Rico native point to him wanting to test out free agency sooner, rather than later.

Lindor reportedly was already offered an extension for more than $100 million dollars by the Indians this year and the fact that he turned down that nine-figure offer so early in his career suggests he will wait to test the free agency market when he's eligible.


The Indian's shortstop will be under team control for the next four seasons and will be arbitration eligible after this season.

Lindor, a two-time All-Star, has now played in three seasons in the Big Leagues and has averaged a .293 batting average with 23 homers per year, and 85 RBIs. 

He has also accumulated a 15.8 WAR during those three seasons.

Last year his batting average dipped to .273, but his power numbers skyrocketed to 33 dingers and a SLUGGING of .505.

And he has also thrived in postseason play.

According to Spotrac's Market Value tool, Lindor's current value is of $18.7 million dollars per season thanks to his Gold and Platinum Glove and great offensive numbers, yet the Indians are only paying him the league minimum which has been $540K and $570K the last two seasons respectively.

If he continues this pace he will be in line to sign a deal north of $30 million a year, maybe even $40 million per season, depending on the deals Bryce Harper and Manny Machado get next winter

The Indians will continue to make Lindor several offers over the next four years, but the Indians might no have enough to keep him before he hits free agency.