Yankees should be looking to sign Mike Moustakas and not Todd Frazier

Third base is still up for grabs in the Bronx

The hot corner at Yankee Stadium is still vacant and the Yankees have several options for 2018, but rumors have been pointing more and more to a return for veteran Todd Frazier.

But, is that the right move for the Yankees?

Frazier was a decent player in his time with the Yankees, but he didn't make himself a player "you had to sign back at all costs".

A two-time All-Star, Frazier in his time in New York hit for .222 with 11 homers and only 32 RBIs, in total for the season he hit 27 dingers and had a batting average of .213, one of the worst on the team.

His spot in the lineup will now be taken up by Giancarlo Stanton, who will be a big upgrade to the Yankees lineup and another right-handed batter.

As of now the Yankees have four righty hitters in their lineup, with three lefties and one switch hitter in Aaron Hicks. Adding "The Todd Father" that would put them at five righties in the hitting order and another bat that doesn't hit close to .300.

That is why I believe the Yankees should focus on signing Mike Moustakas instead of Frazier, especially now that his value is dropping everyday.

Moustakas, who was coming of an ACL tear in 2016, had a pretty good 2017 by hitting for .272 with 38 homers and driving in 85 runs.

Now imagine Moustakas with Yankee Stadium's short porch. Yeah, match made in heaven. (Watch above video for confirmation)

Moustakas left bat would also help balance the Yankees lineup even more with four righties and lefties, and one switch hitter.

Imagine this lineup:

1.- Brett Gardner | LF | L

2.- Aaron Judge | RF | R

3.- Giancarlo Stanton | DH | R

4.- Mike Moustakas | 3B | L

5.- Gary Sanchez | C | R

6.- Didi Gregorius | SS | L

7.- Aaron Hicks | CF | S

8.- Greg Bird | 1B | L

9.- Ronald Torreyes / Gleyber Torres | 2B | R

And Moustakas would not be as expensive as most think.


Moustakas was offered a qualifying offer by the Royals at the beginning of free agency and turned it down, that means whatever teams he signs with other than Kansas City must give a pick or some picks back to the Royals.

That has driven Moustakas value down a bit and could actually be a lot cheaper than most thought at the beginning of the off-season

An example of a similar situation is Jose Bautista last year with the Blue Jays, as having to give up a pick to sign the outfielder kept many teams away and he ended up signing back with Toronto for far less than expected.

If the Yankees were to sign Moustakas they would have to give up to Draft picks, their second pick and their fifth highest pick. That may sound like a lot to some, but think about it this way the Yankees now and Draft picks are hitting the lottery, low odds of success.

Moustakas is 29 years old and is a good offensive player with very good defensive skills and knows what it feels like to win a World Series championship, something the Yankees haven't done since 2009.

Signing Moustakas to a one year deal for say $15 million (or less) and a clause that he will not be offered a qualifying offer at the end of the season would benefit both parties (MLB Trade Rumors has him predicted for a five year $85 million contract).

First, it would benefit the Yankees as they would have an All-Star caliber third baseman in their quest to win number 28.

Second, it would leave them perfectly in place to sign Manny Machado next winter as they would still be under the LUXURY TAX this year.

And third, Moustakas could benefit from one of the best lineups in MLB and a short porch in right to drive up his offensive numbers. Which next winter he can use to sign a much better deal with no "qualifying compensation" dragging him down. And also leftover money from teams that don't sign the superstar they had been planning on for years, like Bryce Harper, Machado or Josh Donaldson.

Signing Moustakas may be unconventional, but it would certainly be beneficial to both parties.