Yu Darvish getting less money than expected

The Cubs made the big move in this off-season by signing Yu Darvish

A big move was finally made in this boring offseason, as the Chicago Cubs agreed to sign the Japanese pitcher, Yu Darvish, for a deal worth $126 million over 6 years, making it $21 M per year, with the ability to get $150 M through incentives, according to multiple reports.


Yu Darvish is the 4th free agent to sign a $100M deal with the Cubs, but the 3rd in the last 4 offseasons. He joins Jason Heyward who signed an 8-year/$184M deal after the 2015 season and Jon Lester, who signed a 6-year/$155M deal after the 2014 season, according to ESPN Stats & Info.


The ace was predicted to sign for no less than $26 M per year, according to MLB Trade Rumors and with teams like Yankees, Brewers, Twins and Dodgers willing to get his sign, it seemed like Darvish was gonna get the deal he wanted.

But a poor performance in the World Series with the Dodgers, saw the value of the Japanese pitcher dropped drastically , managing just five outs in each of his two starts during the Fall Classic, and there was talk he was tipping his pitches.


Though, for Darvish to get the all the $150 M of his deal, he has to manage to win several Cy Youngs during his stint in Chicago, a feat that seems really hard to achieve.

But with the deal done, and for less money than expected, is up to Darvish to prove his worth again with a contender team and clear up his name for his World Series woes.

It seems for Darvish his deal with the Cubs was more about longevity than maximizing every dollar in the deal to get closer to the $25-$28 million dollars a year many had thought the Japanese 31 year old would be getting, but on a shorter deal.