Is José Bautista thinking about retirement?

The slugger has a lot to think this offseason 

José Bautista

José Bautista | AP

Free agency has been though for a lot of star players; Jake Arrieta remains unemployed, also Carlos Gonzales and Mike Moustakas reportedly signed deals for much (a lot much) less money than expected. Jose Bautista is one of those players that are going through a tough time trying to find a team; even it is reported that the slugger is considering retirement.



According to numerous reports, due to the lack of serious and convincing offers for him, the Dominican is seriously considering taking a step aside and retire from the game due to the lack of convincing offers for him.

But according to Jeff Passan from Yahoo Sport, Jose Bautista himself told the reporter that he's not done yet:

Right now I’m just considering my options, and it depends on two criteria. That’s winning and making sure that my family’s in a good situation


The 37-year-old played for the Blue Jays last year and earned $17 million and the offers that he has been receiving are reportedly being for less than $1 million. His last year's performance was one of the worst of his career, where he only batted for .203, hitting 23 HR's and 65 RBI's over the course of 157 games.