The reason why Jose Bautista haven't signed a deal

Time is up for Bautista?

José Bautista

José Bautista | AP

Jose Bautista's situation is still pretty much in the air, as he hasn't signed a deal with any team and it looks like he will remain as a free agent, at least, for the start of the season.


In past days, some reports indicated that Bautista will certainly be retiring due to the lack of offers that satisfied the slugger's interests. According to Jon Heyman, retirement was the most probable possibility for Bautista, but the player's agent, Jay Alou, said that his client wasn't considering it at all.


However, Heyman explained that Bautista's agent did not deny that the player rejected some offers in this offseason. Alou stated that money is not a deal breaker for Bautista at this point, as the player is looking for teams with playoff chances.

Also, the veteran is looking for a team that gives him the opportunity to play in the outfield.


The 37-year-old played for the Blue Jays last year and earned $17 million and the offers that he has been receiving are reportedly being for less than $1 million. His last year's performance was one of the worst of his career, where he only batted for .203, hitting 23 HR's and 65 RBI's over the course of 157 games.